HI Michelle

Its been six days now since my ibo flood,the following is an account of my experiences with IW,the drug itself and my reflections one week later.
I am 48 yrs old a heavey cocaine nicotine addict,i would also drink quite a bit to try to “come down”iused cocaine for -26 years  iburnt my life to the ground several times,I also contracted hep c and hiv 15 years ago the fact that i have lived this long is nothing short of a miracle.
I had attended  about 15 shorterm treatment centers over 26 years with little or no sucess
three years ago iwas at  the end of my life (hiv),however my dr put me on a new med and i started toget stronger even in active addiction. my cd4 count went from less than 75-1000 over next year, idecided to try to get some kind of a life back.i got involved w/12 step and DID work the steps,this gave me some feelings of relief from myself and my past althogh i was secretly slipping every week or ten days and felt iwas living a lie aroud meetings.
I heard about ibogaine about 15 yrs ago and was very interested however the high cost,
7-10 thousand made it unattainable.
about a year ago i ran into ibogaine again(internet) and caught fire  for the idea again ,i did tons of research and came across IBOGA WORLD and michelle,who has been anicredible source of info and guidance.
after much discusion /michelle i order the ibo from iboga world,they sent it “courier” to canada arriving 8 days later,iwas able to track it right out of africa.
note ,of the few people i did tell about my IBO plans, all said i was nuts and that it was a scm and my money was gone,THEY WERE WRONG however they did manage to create alot of doubt in my mind and ,dobt that was gradually relievd as i got my product and iboga world continued to be a support long after they had received my funds.

about the experience: IW also provided insights for my sitter so that they would know what to expect.
I took a total of 1g HCL abd 1.4grams of TA  somewhat staggered (as per instruction)Note ,what follows is an accurate account of my experience with no embelishment
iwas scared , my legs were almost usless, ihad feelings of intense forboding as
the level of ibo in my system increased my hands and arms shaking, very ragged breathing,close to convulsing,then it completely overtook me,waves of nausea at my slightest movement. t heard the drums briefly saw faces and images light hurt my eyes auditory hallucination or sensitivity, then the fear subsided somewhat and i just felt gross
imust mention the static or buzzing in my head that lasted 12hrs.

my trip was some what shorter than most,possibly to the fact i was movig around alot and went to the washroom several times ,this my have pushed ibo through my system a bit faster. moving along after 14 hrs isat on the couch to be nearer my sitter and try to get out of my head.
as fate would have it there was a show on tv national geographic about ibogaine.

at that point iwas still very wobbly and thought i had just done one of the worst trips of my life. 6hrs later i slept abit with sleep aid.

when i awoke the next morningi sat quietly with a PEACE AND SERENITY IHAVE NOT EXPERIENCED SINCE CHILDHOOD. if ever

the feeling has  not gone awayi am more balanced , the thought of cocaine repulses me
i will take boosters as directed and continue to rely on my higer power and program.
also cigaretts reduced,as  i now have a greater control over those impulses..

in closing ibo is not fun,there is nothing recreational about it whatsoever,ONTHE OTHER HAND IT WORKS. IF YOU PLAN TO TAKE THIS DRUG ALONE A HUGE MISTAKE!!
for her ongoing support and concern. ialso wish to put in print my grattitude to my mom patricia for a lifetime of support ilove you all

brief updates to follow 2 weeks

Richard M edmonton Canada at: shadyforlife@shaw.ca