Hi Michelle

I did my second proper Iboga trip with TA 2 weeks ago and this was what I was looking for. Iboga is real deal, I’m amazed how is work. I want thank you for what you doing, you are good provider honest and reliable.

Compare to the first dose with root bark the TA was much gentle and totally different, during first flood Iboga literally clear my body I saw/feel things was removed‎ I don’t know exactly what was this but is gone. After my energy levels go really high ( back to normal).

The second flood 2 weeks ago with TA this was really deep and beautiful experience was very easy and soft for the body. I achieved very deep,clear and high state of mind. literally connect and integrated with myself. I was able to see and understand my thoughts patterns and “programs”‎ I go really deep. Remove and relief emotional blocks,see many things about me. Is truth that is like reset button.

Is really difficult to describe this experience because when you are under influence you are in high state of mind where things are clear and understable so easily. You connect with the best part of you.

I took total 3.5 g of TA and around 24 H, was able to get up from the bed ‎and function normal.

Long time I don’t have so quiet and clear mind, now I can say, that my issues with alcohol are totally gone.‎ At last I get my energy and motivation back. Iboga bring me back to the life I’m not saying that everything is perfect but doesn’t matter now I can deal with everything get my confidence back.

I know that I will take one more time Iboga trip in the future. That’s why keep doing what you do 🙂

Regards from Poland